Agaba Antony: African-Led Narrative

Agaba Antony: African-Led Narrative

Agaba Antony

Modern Solutions for Modern Problems


personally think the Omushana initiative is timely and relevant in a country which has lost its forest cover from 24% in 2015 to 9% in 2019, electricity is still too expensive for most users, and 95% of the people still depend on biomass energy i.e. charcoal and firewood.

That country is Uganda.

This is mostly in the rural areas of the country and therefore they’re the same people who are mostly affected by the problem. The Omushana initiative targets the most marginalized of the community and therefore is a great opportunity that not only seeks to empower them with affordable light, but also an innovative way to reduce the pressure of the people on the forests. Like they say, modern problems call for modern solutions, the Omushana initiative is the true definition of the saying. I therefore hope to see the initiative grow and reach out to more villages out there, to provide them with solar power as a substitute for activities that lead to environmental degradation.

I personally believe, if we started looking at forests as a common good and not a primary source of revenue, adopt innovative ways [of environmental protection] such as the use of solar energy to substitute the rudimentary means for power, and change our attitude towards the environment, we can conserve the environment for the future generation. It’s not too late to take action.

About the Author

Name: Agaba Antony

Age: 29

Location: Rubirizi, Uganda

Occupation: Social Worker

Interests: Sports, Travelling, Charity, & Reading

Summary of who you are: Enthusiastic team builder with 5 years of experience working with both local and international Non-Governmental Organizations advocating for women’s rights, children rights, women empowerment programs and gender equality. Top performer and passionate about advocating for gender equality and environmental protection, with a proven track record of community mobilization skills and making the most out of the available resources to achieve timely results.

A strong, caring soul 🌟.

#Omushana 's African-Led Narrative Series:

Our African-Led Narrative blog series is the opportunity to engage more critical insight into African experiences than our "Stories by Africans" page - to dive and dig deeper into the African experience predominately in Uganda.

This series was thought about by questioning: How has the narrative of Africa been shaped? What is being told, who is telling, and who is listening? Historically, stories about Africa and African lives have been told, predominately, by people who are not African themselves. This concept is about the people of Africa telling their own stories, sharing their lives, perceptions, and experiences, and creating their own narratives for the whole world - Africa and beyond - to listen.

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