Atwijukire Tracy: African-Led Narrative

Atwijukire Tracy: African-Led Narrative

Atwijukire Tracy


name is Atwijukire Tracy. I am 15 years old and live in Bushenyi District South Western Uganda.

I am happy to be a member of Offer a Hand Uganda because I have learnt a lot of skills during this lock down. Such skills among others include making bio briquettes and paper bags.

Bio briquettes is charcoal made from kitchen scraps such as banana peelings and maize cobs. To talk about, I participate in paper bag making that has helped me earn some money during this lockdown and will use the savings on buying books and pens when schools re-open in January 2022.

Mr. Kakaya promised to teach us how to make cheap energy saving stoves when we master making bio briquettes which I hope will be my next project.

I hope the skills learnt will be very helpful not only to me but also to my family and the entire community at large since it will promote environmental conservation due to reduced deforestation.

All in all, I thank Offer a Hand Uganda and Mr. Kakaya for engaging us during this lockdown. Being busy has helped us avoid bad acts like most children especially girl children have. Most girls have become pregnant and others have been married off which is not a case with us.

About the Author

NAME: Atwijukire Tracy

AGE: 15 years

SCHOOLS: Bugarama High School

CLASS: Senior Two


DISTRICT: Bushenyi

A smiling, cheery, and peaceful soul 🌟.

#Omushana 's African-Led Narrative Series:

Our African-Led Narrative blog series is the opportunity to engage more critical insight into African experiences than our "Stories by Africans" page - to dive and dig deeper into the African experience predominately in Uganda.

This series was thought about by questioning: How has the narrative of Africa been shaped? What is being told, who is telling, and who is listening? Historically, stories about Africa and African lives have been told, predominately, by people who are not African themselves. This concept is about the people of Africa telling their own stories, sharing their lives, perceptions, and experiences, and creating their own narratives for the whole world - Africa and beyond - to listen.

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