Gumoshabe Elizabeth: African-Led Narrative

Gumoshabe Elizabeth: African-Led Narrative

Gumoshabe Elizabeth


name is Gumoshabe Elizabeth. I am 12 years old. Before the lockdown in March 2020, I was in Primary Four (Class Four) but lost hope when our president announced indefinite lockdown in our country Uganda, ‘we have been locked out of school up to day’.

However, in August 2020, my mother learnt about the home schooling program carried out by Offer a Hand Uganda through Tr. Kakaya. My brother and I were enrolled for the program and Tr. Kakaya, Tr. Chrispus and Tr. Nicklet would come to teach us from home. But later we could attend our lessons from one selected home.

We also attended his weekend reading zone program that has empowered us with reading and writing skills. I have also learnt computer, can socialize with others and I can now speak in public (public speaking). Kakaya has a big heart of helping us.

Above everything, I will be promoted to primary six when schools re-open in January since we have learnt Primary Five work.

Thank you Offer a Hand Uganda.

Thank you teachers Kakaya, Chrispus and Nicklet for teaching us.

May god bless you.

I love you.

About the Author

NAME: Gumoshabe Elizabeth

AGE: 12 years

CLASS: Primary Six



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This series was thought about by questioning: How has the narrative of Africa been shaped? What is being told, who is telling, and who is listening? Historically, stories about Africa and African lives have been told, predominately, by people who are not African themselves. This concept is about the people of Africa telling their own stories, sharing their lives, perceptions, and experiences, and creating their own narratives for the whole world - Africa and beyond - to listen.

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