Kaunda Elisa Kakaya: African-Led Narrative

Kaunda Elisa Kakaya: African-Led Narrative

Elisa Kaunda Kakaya


is one of the most endowed continents in the world. It has wonderful physical features that one would love to explore.

Coming to Uganda is an exceptional story.

Its wonderful features and terrain are unexplainable. It needs your visit. Physical features ranging from mountains to rivers (River Nile being the longest river in the world), lakes (especially crater lakes) in Western Uganda, lovely and hospitable people, the culture, food!!!! The list is endless.

If you have been here before, you know the reason why Winston Churchill named it a Pearl of Africa.

Despite the above, Africa, Uganda in particular is faced with very many problems, most of them created by corrupt and poor leadership.

For example, Low or little supply of electricity in Uganda despite the presence of dams along River Nile and plenty of sunshine since we lie along the equator has hindered development.

People spend a lot of money on buying kerosene (commonly known as paraffin) to light up their homes. The kerosene lamps emit dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxides and sulphur dioxide. Some of these gases emitted during combustion lead to environmental pollution and human diseases like cancer, cough, and tuberculosis among others.

Since use of hydro-electricity has become too expensive for citizens despite the fact that it is generated from here, some people have resorted to use of solar which most of the families cannot afford.

Bravo to Omushana Company under the leadership of Garland Smith which provides solar lanterns to people in Rubirizi  District South-Western Uganda. To me such an initiative has helped reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere, increased household income and savings (due to reduced expenditure on kerosene), has increased academic performance in schools in the beneficiary community since there is enough light for learners to revise their books at night, reduced eye diseases caused by smoke from kerosene lamps among others. Thank you so much garland for this kind gesture. (Aluta Continua, literally meaning “The Struggle Continues”).

Most Africans are surviving on the hands of merciful people and organizations sacrificed themselves towards helping the needy in Uganda. (And by the way, their donations sometimes end up in wrong hands of corrupt leaders and do not go to the right people).

Elisa Kaunda Kakaya

Team Leader/Founder

Offer a Hand Uganda

About the Author

My name is Kaunda Elisa Kakaya. I am the fourth born out of six children and the most educated in my lineage with just a university diploma in humanities (education). Growing up was not easy with problems ranging from access to better shelter to medical care to education to clothes and to beddings   mention it. Thanks to God, we had plenty of food and at least we never slept on an empty stomach. We have favorable climate and fertile soils here in Uganda, “The Pearl of Africa” thus plenty of food especially in rural areas.

Back to school life, my father “our little bread winner” got paralyzed when I was just nine years in class four and died when I had finished class seven ready to join secondary school. My brother who was already in senior three had to step down for me to join senior one. I successfully completed my secondary education but due to financial constraints, I could not continue with my studies and had to start working on buildings as a potter and luckily raised some money that would later help me advance to the next level. “The story is long.”

I then joined Primary Teachers’ College and finally graduated with a Grade III Teacher’s Certificate but would later enrol for my University Diploma. But all in all, my mother struggled so had to raise at least USD 15 per term which was an average school fees in a third world school (as is commonly referred to, to mean a poor school) back in 2000s. 

Like I struggled so hard to get through my little education, many other Ugandan children and Africans at large are faced with similar challenges and their future lies in the hands of our selfish leaders who struggle for their own well-being forgetting their subjects.

Someone reading this may think I faced a lot of problems, during my childhood, I faced little problems compared to what the current generation is facing. The cost of living has greatly increased amidst unemployment, poor pay in the country like Uganda and inflation that has rocked the country. 

The biggest challenge faced by Ugandan school going children currently is power supply that is always on and off besides. In Uganda, electricity coverage is projected at 18% country wide and those in coverage are faced with power outages now and again. This retards the education system since learners would need to revise their books while at home. Parents end up opting to kerosene lamps, soothing that is itself expensive since one would need to keep buying paraffin to re-fill the lamp. It is even unhealthy to inhale in smoke produced, and very disastrous to our eyes.

Looking at all the challenges young people go through to attain education and later become unemployed “I will talk about causes of unemployment in the next story” my friends and I have decided to start a community-based organization that would help promote informal sustainable education and curb down environmental degradation.

That organization is called Offer a Hand Uganda.

A beautiful, caring soul 🌟.

#Omushana 's African-Led Narrative Series:

Our African-Led Narrative blog series is the opportunity to engage more critical insight into African experiences than our "Stories by Africans" page - to dive and dig deeper into the African experience predominately in Uganda.

This series was thought about by questioning: How has the narrative of Africa been shaped? What is being told, who is telling, and who is listening? Historically, stories about Africa and African lives have been told, predominately, by people who are not African themselves. This concept is about the people of Africa telling their own stories, sharing their lives, perceptions, and experiences, and creating their own narratives for the whole world - Africa and beyond - to listen.

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