Martha Ashaba: African-Led Narrative

Martha Ashaba: African-Led Narrative

This is the first blog post of a series titled: African-Led Narrative

Martha Ashaba


My name is Martha Ashaba and I am a student and a service provider. I am a Munyankole [part of the Banyankole society] from Rukungiri, which is in Western Uganda. I have been to very many parts of Uganda through NGOs giving a hand at medical camps. Well, moving to these places, learning about all these different cultures, meeting new people, and reaching out to those in need has been an extremely beautiful experience for me. Even as a kid, I have always had a spirit of humanity towards others, even though I didn’t have much for myself.

I realized that there is a lot of help needed in all these different parts of Uganda, be it financial, environmental, and health education, to many of these helpless people living a life of “I hope I see tomorrow.”

So, as fate has it, I met a group of young generous people who have been volunteers and a very great gift to the people of Uganda, and somehow, I got to know about “Omushana” whose concept I love love love. (Giggles)

So, getting to know about “Omushana” for me was through Garland Smith, whom I met through the Peace Corps, and that meeting was at one of the medical camps we had staged at a health center in Shuuku, Sheema, which is also in Western Uganda.

“Omushana” which means sunshine is essentially about providing opportunity. Solar lanterns are essentially an opportunity for reliable and accessible power for a household. When families have reliable and accessible power with the solar lantern, they are empowered to pursue other opportunities. Other opportunities are realized through the savings in money, better personal health from better in-home air quality, nighttime lighting for cooking, reading, and business, and of course time saved from worrying about all of those things.

Well, aside from it being a generous thought, Omushana is a very great opportunity for lots of people here in Uganda.

Thank you so much Omushana. God bless the works of hands.

Martha Bimbóna Ashaba

Voice Of Hope (YouTube)

About the Author

I sing a lot in my free time, I actually sing in church choir at Watoto and it fills my heart that I get serve the lord in some way after all he has done for me, I love dancing though at times my body thinks otherwise🤣🤣🤣. I’m the only girl in a family of 6, so having five brothers got me so into sports. I love football, I follow the wrestling series, my brothers and I support different teams, so we are always so loud betting on stuff. I don’t think I have a favorite animal, but I like dogs, I think they are super friendly and easy to get along with. As for my favorite music, uhm.... my friends find my type of music weird; I listen to operas🤣🤣🤣I love soul music, I can do country, gospel or even jazz. But if we are at a party and they play hip hop music, I’ll dance to it. Up until now, I love and respect Whitney Houston for her music. My favorite artist is Beyoncé and I love Keke Palmer. My favorite tv show is funny, [but I] won’t mention it ☺️🤭

The best quality about Uganda for me is the fertile land, anything that hits the soils blossoms. The wildlife, the mountains, the foggy mornings and beautiful sceneries, the warm people and weirdly tasty food.

Well, I think what Uganda needs, is mostly political upgrades. Corruption is literally everywhere, but in my country it’s business. Funny how, the people that have a lot get even more at the expense of those that have nothing to their name. “For God and my country.”

I want to make a great impact on people’s lives someday.

My favorite place in Uganda is Kabale [very SW Uganda], because of the mountains, the early morning fog, the evening breeze, the view, the sound of the cows... “moo-moo” the food, the kalo (millet cake) and shabwe (ghee) mixed with ebihimba (beans), the kashera (millet porridge) and milk.

I want to travel the whole world, the sky won’t be the limit.

Mission: change the world
Vision: To make the world a better place
Target: The young generation
Organisation: bulamu international healthcare

A good, and beautiful, soul 🌟. 

#Omushana 's African-Led Narrative Series:

Our African-Led Narrative blog series is the opportunity to engage more critical insight into African experiences than our "Stories by Africans" page - to dive and dig deeper into the African experience predominately in Uganda.

This series was thought about by questioning: How has the narrative of Africa been shaped? What is being told, who is telling, and who is listening? Historically, stories about Africa and African lives have been told, predominately, by people who are not African themselves. This concept is about the people of Africa telling their own stories, sharing their lives, perceptions, and experiences, and creating their own narratives for the whole world - Africa and beyond - to listen.

| #Omushana #OmushanaMeansSunshine #OneGarmentOneLantern |

One Love. 🌍💛 One Under The Sun. 🌞 Be and Love.

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I love this 🥰 keep the spirit up.blessings!

Ashaba Martha Bimbona

I Love this ❤️ good Job 👏 good Job. Blessings.

Ashaba Martha

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