A brand with a purpose.

A brand with a purpose.

"Stop feeling invisible and start feeling invincible" -Aminé (Invincible)

Our “More Than A Tee,” brand with a purpose concept is like: going on the Genius (song lyrics and knowledge) website to look up the lyrics to a song, selecting a favorite lyric snippet, and then reviewing the annotation of the snippet for the interpretations:

– Our garments are more than garments: they cultivate interpretation and happiness in different directions. And that’s ok. That’s what we want!

1. Providing Opportunity: One Garment = One Lantern
When you purchase a garment, you provide a lantern to a family in need. We take the cost of one solar lantern directly from your garment purchase and put it into our solar fund. Each month, the solar fund purchases its amount in solar lanterns in the African nation of Uganda. The lanterns are acquired by our partner in Uganda who takes the lanterns to the identified, vulnerable and marginalized villages in Uganda and provides the lanterns to the community at an affordable price. Providing the lanterns allows families access to a resource that would otherwise be out of reach. Providing the lanterns to a community in need is an opportunity, realized.
2. Giving Quality: Unreal comfort and unreal quality
Our tees are crafted using Airlume and Ring-Spun Cotton to create the softest and most comfortable garments. This comfort is taken to another level; each body type is cross-referenced during the early production phase to create a technical fitting through each garment. What does all of this mean? In the development phase of Omushana, we had a target to provide quality apparel in-turn-to providing quality solar lanterns. We wanted the garments to not just be a memento for helping a cause, we wanted them to be the real deal by itself; it just so happens that the real deal garments we provide also contribute to a sustainable solution for marginalized families.
3. Staying Conscious: The environment is priority
One thing which is guaranteed that we all share in common is the earth. (louder for the ones in the back). One thing which is guaranteed that we all share in common is the earth. Eco-friendly production is the basis to crafting our garments; water use is reduced through newer and more efficient dye machines enabling use of 7x less water, energy use is reduced through 100% solar energy powered sewing and cutting facilities, and there is virtually zero wasting from optimized cutting processes to reduce plastic use and excess fabric. One thing that you are guaranteed when you purchase one of our garments is that the environment is priority and environmental harm is at a minimum.
4. Building Confidence: Believe!
It takes a lot to: run a business, go for a run, take care of family, take care of yourself, plan big and execute, execute your big plan while making your NEXT plan. It takes a lot to do a lot of things, but the crazy thing is that, we always find a way. We are all always capable of finding a way. We are capable of more than we think, and great things at that. Your greatest is just on the other side of any adversity that may glare at you. We believe in your quest and believe that empowerment for your quest can build from different directions. We believe our tees help cultivate that sense of confidence and empowerment and will have you saying: “My best is yet to come, I've got this.”  Q. What does empowerment mean to you?

More than a tee: All garments available APRIL 22, 2019!!!

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