A bright future.

A bright future.

-100th sale post-

We have reached our 100th sale! And what a path to 100 it has been…

Omushana launched on April 22, 2019, ready to disrupt a flooded apparel market with a slight twist to the norm. We are a social enterprise who provides solar lanterns for marginalized and vulnerable families in Uganda with each garment purchase. But what has formed from the idea is much more than providing light. It has been an opportunity to take action and foster change for inclusive benefit. An opportunity to make a dent in unsustainable energies, reduce global carbon footprints, lunge into sustainable culture, and allow headroom for future generations to make an even more massive impact. An opportunity for us to draft the legacy we want to leave for future generations; to ensure their opportunity to write their own stories too. A bright future is manifested by the century sale.
A bright future is manifested by the century sale. 

Our 100th sale has provided light to 100 marginalized homes in Uganda, eradicated 100 either paraffin candles or kerosene lanterns, and even provided the first source of lighting to generationally impoverished households. 100 sales are a prominent step on a path towards an inclusive and sustainable whole world vision. Elevating people out of poverty and working towards a whole world vision, as easy as One Garment for One Lantern.

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