A whole world vision.

A whole world vision.

“Every day gets hotter than the one before
Running out of water, it's about to go down
Go down” -Childish Gambino (Feels Like Summer)

We are individuals wanting to make an impact, but as individuals we wonder how to make an impact by ourselves. We don’t do it by ourselves, we do it together.

Everything we do on Earth has a chain reaction. We are more interconnected now than ever, and bridges connecting the world are only continuing to be built. This is great when we have to come together as a planet to face our largest challenge to date: climate change. We can take the steps individually that support worldwide climate action to ultimately ensure a sustainable future.

Small Steps - Massive Change:

-Conscious consumerism

Omushana provides real deal garments that are made sustainably; each tee is produced through 100% eco-friendly production. 1: 7x less water than average is used in garment production through using newer and more efficient dye machines, thus saving 24 million gallons of water a week. 2: Garment cutting and sewing facilities are 100% powered by solar energy. 3: Nothing goes to waste by recycling excess fabric already at a minimum from the ompimized cutting process. Purchasing an Omushana tee is an environmentally conscious decision to minimize waste and support healthy production habits.

-Inspiring transition

Omushana provides solar lanterns to kick out unsustainable lighting means from kerosene lanterns and paraffin candles. Throughout the world, though primarily in developing nations, the estimated 1.5 billion kerosene lamps used provide less than 1% of residential lighting, but account for 29% of the lighting sectors carbon dioxide emissions. This impact compounded by burning the equivalent of 1.3 million barrels of oil per day. Inherently poor lighting means don’t simply hinder the lives of the ones using, it hinders the whole planet. The transition to sustainable energy isn’t a centralized objective, it is a worldwide solution.

-Providing opportunity

Providing solar lanterns to disadvantaged households is the realization of opportunity. The world must work together to ensure a sustainable future. In developing countries, when there is already a loss of opportunity for basic means of life, the opportunity to contribute to sustainability is unobtainable. When playing catch-up development, sustainable resources need to beat out the unsustainable, to catch-up with positive growth and avoiding a negative future. Providing opportunity reduces inequalities and fosters empowerment to allow others to put more effort and focus towards a sustainable future.

Coming together as humanity, working for the common goal of a sustainable future, and realizing our opportunity to ensure future opportunity is a whole world vision. Its bigger than us, but it is not above us. It involves all of us and each of us can become a catalyst for change by taking the conscious steps towards living sustainably! --If you didn’t believe you could make an impact before, we can confirm that you can now.--

“People do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future” -F. M. Alexander

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