Be iconic.

Be iconic.

“What happens when we run out of oil and the soil goes dry and we can’t turn the lights on? Huh? Then who gon’ be an icon? Not me, it’s got to be you!”  -Jaden Smith (Icon? (Electric))

Taking action starts with a belief that we are capable of making a change.

- think iconic -

- act iconic -

- be iconic -

When you think positively, and you act on those positive vibes, you become that catalyst for change. 

We are all capable of making change. Will Smith once distinguished the difference between fault and responsibility. It went something like; It might not be your fault that something has happened, but it is your responsibility to figure out how to grow from the adversity. It might not be our fault that things are the way that they are, that society has developed unsustainably, in a misdirection. But it is our responsibility to fix our society, and our responsibility to change ourselves to make a change for the world. Change is possible, and easier than we think!
Complex problems do have simple solutions. The solutions are breaking it down and simplifying the process: instead of one person trying to change the world for everyone, we all come together and do the little things, which grows into a big change. That’s the whole world vision. Follow your intuition and hold on tight to that belief. 🌍💡 -Believe in your impact. You’re an icon living!-

Q. What does happen when the world runs out of oil, and we can’t turn the lights on?

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