#ClimateStrike -> Climate Action

#ClimateStrike -> Climate Action

On September 20, 2019 we saw over 4 million people across 163 countries stand together in a #ClimateStrike to show those in positions of power that the Earth is precious, it's not to be exploited, that our socio-environmental habits need reform, and that WE ARE READY. -Thank you catalyst @GretaThunberg. 

Climate Strike - Prove to those in positions of power that you’re serious.

Climate Action - Prove to yourself that you’re serious.

Whether you were able to participate in the global climate strike or not, you still have the opportunity to take direct climate action to help our planet. We are all catalysts to our sustainable futures, as much as the problems hindering our planet are embedded in political and corporate structures, we are also equipped to create the change we wish to see in the world. How? Climate Action.

"Supporting vulnerable regions will directly contribute not only to Goal 13 [Climate Action] but also to the other SDGs .... but this requires urgent and ambitious collective action."

Climate action means water conservation, proper recycling and conscious purchases, public and shared transport, and if you want to do more, support others who do not have the opportunity to take power into their own hands to combat climate change, like our current village, Kinoko Village. 134 households in Kinoko Village rely on kerosene and paraffin lanterns and candles which are unsustainable, harmful to personal health, and contribute nearly 30% of the global residential lighting sector's carbon dioxide emissions-equivalent to burning 1.3 million barrels of oil per day.

Saving the planet is accomplished by acting together, because it affects all of us, and collective action is more powerful than acting alone. Helping each other and taking action ourselves creates the change we wish and need to see in the world. You can act with One Garment for One Lantern.

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