Do it different.

Do it different.

“Nothing for this life na accidental” -Burna Boy (Giddem)

We don’t have to recreate the wheel, but we do need to change things up.

Doing it different:

Opening up the African-led narrative.

We are not a common international aid organization; we don’t actually see ourselves as aid much at all. We are not recreating the wheel, but we are also not a charity or a donation organization. Donations would surely help, but they are one sided and sometimes shine an odd light on Africa. The One Garment = One Lantern concept allows our initiative to be two-sided with unreal tees and sustainable lanterns. As well, Uganda is a developing nation who benefits from support, but support through opportunity, not direct development work. We are not here to narrate development in Africa or develop for Africa. Our purpose is to provide a sustainable tool which will be used as opportunity, to allow those disadvantaged to build their own ladder out of the poverty trap. That tool has the ability to be used by those who want to develop - who are willing to work for their development - who want to work for their development - and who will now have the opportunity to begin and sustain development from a simple tool applied as a daily function for increased well-being and happiness. With opportunity, they can write their own story. With a tee, our supporters are empowered to write their own stories as well!

Fostering that what? That opportunity.

Our goal is to provide something on both ends of the spectrum. We support those most vulnerable and marginalized, this is to build equality so that we all reach a similar playing field. We do that with opportunity; opportunity is what you make it, and when you really, really want it, and when you really, really know what its like without it, it can mean the world. Solar lanterns are that opportunity. We also ensure our supporters have a real-deal garment in return to fostering that opportunity for beneficiaries--this is opportunity for you too!-- Our real-deal garments have an unreal feel and a clean production background. This gives you the opportunity to support green production and hold businesses accountable to sustainability in their efforts, the opportunity to leap into a sustainable culture with a conscious purchase, and the opportunity to feel the positivity that Omushana garments engulf you in!

Focus on SUSTAINABILITY in each effort.

Sustainability is central and resides on both ends of the Omushana initiative spectrum. Solar lanterns = sustainability. Omushana tees = also sustainability; manufactured in 100% solar powered cut and sew facilities, efficient water-saving dye machines with water recycle and reuse, and virtually zero waste from fabric recycling and optimized cutting, our tees were consciously chosen to enable our supporters to practice conscious consumerism and support sustainable production. We maintain our One Garment = One Lantern concept, so your support means the ownership of a sustainably made tee; that means fewer generic tees and more conscious garments in your closet! It’s different in a positive way.

Questioning assumptions and fostering =equality=.

Our Basic’s collection features blank heather fabric garments named from the Runyankore words for Woman, Man, and Youth: Nnyabo, Ssebo, Obuto. All of our garments have a description of who they are named after, you have to check out our product descriptions of these basic tees and see what you think! We are trying to question assumptions of what it means to be a Woman, Man, or Youth around the globe. We want to ensure that we are always thinking, acting, and doing it different in our effort to support each other to bring the world together. We can’t get it all right, right away, but we can figure it out along the way and that’s what it’s all about! Questioning assumptions allows us to figure it out along the way to equal opportunity as we embrace what’s different!


One Garment = One Lantern

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