Everyone, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you look like, has a right to live in an inclusive and sustainable world. 

This right is not reality. In rural Uganda, and developing communities worldwide nonetheless, PEOPLE are placed in the margin. {Marginalized: adj. treated as insignificant or peripheral}. Marginalized people around the globe have been systemically excluded from decision making processes and exempted from opportunities for personal and societal growth because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and down to basic belief structures. We are here to change that, and our efforts seek to bring light to what is not commonly seen, to place marginalized people in the light of our minds, and to provide the opportunity for everyone to write their story in a sustainable and inclusive whole world narrative. 
The complex problems binding this narrative have solutions. One Garment for One Lantern fosters a solution for the most marginalized households to build for their prosperity as we cultivate an inclusive and sustainable world with each conscious garment purchase. You can provide that solution which allows the most marginalized people the opportunity to write their name into the narrative, while you can be a solution in your environmentally conscious Omushana apparel.
The realization of an inclusive and sustainable world is only possible when marginalized people are consciously written into the development narrative, and when we take the steps to create the massive world change that we all wish to see, and which we are all capable of! What is envisioned is what is possible, and opportunities for change are only yet to be realized - if they have not been yet. A sustainable and inclusive future is the culmination of small steps taken by YOU, with awareness and action, ready for massive change.
Change, turning the world around, and re-writing the narrative of what is possible is not a faceless effort by someone we are waiting on; the solution is YOU.

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