Gaining an advantage.

Gaining an advantage.

"Can't change the world unless we change ourselves." -Joey Bada$$ (Land Of The Free)

The ones who need support the most are the ones acknowledged the least.

Providing solar lanterns to the most vulnerable and marginalized households in Uganda allows the world to move forward together by consciously helping those who need the most help.

<$2 per day
Marginalized families in Uganda currently subsist with less than $4 per day; many even living off less than $2. This cost for subsistence proceeds to meals, possible transportation, and potential medical needs. Basic household lanterns cost approximately $12 which puts accessibility out of reach for a major population of poor households. Accessibility to lanterns is more than a new source of light; it’s an opportunity for an after-hours business, less expenditures on unsustainable kerosene, and catch-up development for poor villages in a developing nation in an equality disparaging world. 
Marginalized families gain an advantage by using opportunity to build happiness and prosperity for themselves. Helping the marginalized gain the advantage through sustainable means allows for a world on an unsustainable path move towards sustainability. This is a whole world vision.

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