Keeping it climate conscious.

Keeping it climate conscious.

Keeping it climate conscious this World Environment Day! 🌍🌱

2019 Theme: Air Pollution


[“The people’s day” for doing something to take care of the Earth. That “something” can be local, national or global. It can be a solo action or involve a crowd. Everyone is free to choose!]
Why world environment day?
Today hosts a platform for action and awareness to protect our environment. The environment is essentially under more pressure than ever. (Yes, we all know). Did you know that you can change that? 1. Use your reusable shopping bags! 2. Don’t use single use plastics! 3. Purchase an Omushana tee that provides a solar light for a marginalized household! 4. Hop on your bike or take public transport! 5. EAT LESS BEEF (cattle are a massive source of methane, come second in contribution of greenhouse gasses, and if cattle were a country, they would rank third in greenhouse gas emissions behind China and the U.S.)
Small Steps = Massive Change
Your impact is legendary.
Isn’t everyday world environment day?
Well, just like every other national or global holiday (like Juneteenth or International Women’s Day), even though everyday should be a celebration of equality, progression, happiness, success, and of course our home, the Earth, days like this foster awareness and allow us the opportunity to focus on a movement. We are busy people and the issues slip through the cracks reasonably so, today is a day to mend the cracks and share with others to support the whole world vision.


More than garments: Omushana tees provide a sustainable energy solution in exchange for the opportunity for supporters to put on environmentally conscious apparel!
-That means your purchase of a tee is a solution for marginalized households to reduce the amount of air pollution in their homes, as well as for a reduction in world air pollution which is created by the massive amount of carbon dioxide emissions from paraffin candles and kerosene lanterns that marginalized households LITERALLY RELY ON. And can’t opt out of without support.
-That also means you take a stand and plunge into a sustainable culture by wearing your beliefs for everyone to see. When wearing sustainably made clothes, you not only considered the opportunities of future generations, you actually took action for the next generation. And you took action to give others (who otherwise would be without) the opportunity to take climate action, to develop, and to contribute to a whole world vision.
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