New Omushana Story (Phase 2 for 2022)

I am happy knowing that I am doing my part, all that I can, for me and my humanity and my earth as I see it. Thank you.

Hi! Hey! Hello! And Welcome. Greetings.


name is Garland and I founded Omushana, The Omushana® Company when I was serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda.


I served as a volunteer for about two years from 2017 to 2019, working alongside my Ugandan host organization that was a CBO (community-based organization), and which turned into a local NGO (non-governmental organization) before I worked with them.


This organization is Community Volunteer Initiative for Development, COVOID for short, and to make Omushana possible I partnered with COVOID.


One Garment for One Lantern, each purchase of our eco-friendly clothing provided a solar lantern for a rural home in SW Uganda where COVOID works. This was to eliminate the hazardous kerosene lanterns relied on for lighting in rural Ugandan homes.


(What is The Omushana Company video)

(Summary: Through the partnership, we take profit from each sale and use that to purchase solar lanterns in Uganda where they are branded and acquired by COVOID for distribution to villages.)


Since 2019, we have provided 572 homes in the southwestern Ugandan, Ankole region with solar lanterns using this One Garment for One Lantern model. This has transformed 2,810 Ugandan lives with access to clean energy solutions, solar lanterns for lighting instead of hazardous kerosene lanterns.


(Graphic: That is … villages, equivalent to the size of …)


This has helped health, improved savings, increase knowledge and learning of renewable and sustainable energy. And most importantly, it created happier lives.


This was possible because of 572 purchases or donations that allowed the One Garment for One Lantern model to work; in other words, this was made possible by the consumer choices of people like you! Thank you.


This also means that 300,300kg of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) were reduced since 2019 (the average of the minimum - 150kg x 572 - and maximum - 900kg x 572 - 85,800 + 514,800 /2= 300,300kg) in direct support to the fights to reverse climate change and global warming, and the world’s route to net zero carbon emissions.


Well, we celebrate this! (Celebrating Our Past) because who knew even this would be possible! But now, it is time to… level up.


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Omushana Phase 2 is now in-effect. Yay! Yesss! Thank you!!!! Awesome.


Kerosene lanterns were a stepping stone yeah. My best friend, Kelby suggested I start smaller with this, and following their thoughts, I did. But this was not my original thought, it was not my original idea.


Originally, I wanted to provide solar power for entire communities! Yes, that is what the One Garment for One Lantern model provided, as it provided solar power (solar lanterns that were empowering) for entire villages at a time.


However, we have issues with this, such as neighboring villages requesting the same resources - solar lanterns - for themselves. But that means we need more sales or donations, and that does not always happen.


Also, an issue arises such that one home or family wants more than one solar lantern. Which is fair, totally fair, totally right. Again, this means we need more sales or donations, and that does not always happen.


There is, however, evidence that more is needed, that this Omushana company is needed, and desired in a larger capacity. This is what Omushana Phase 2 is about.


(Omushana Phase 2 graphic)


With each sale, we no longer provide one solar lantern. No more One Garment for One Lantern.


Now, with each sale we take 10% of the profit and use that to grow our solar fund. This solar fund will be used to pay for, fund larger-scale solar projects in southwestern Uganda. This means goals will be set to achieve, and these goals - rather than a goal be one village with solar lanterns - will be more towards what the identified community needs and can use for their benefit.


We want to do more, I want to do more, but this is all that I can do right now. This hurts, becasue it is what I want to do, but right now I am financially poor and can only afford to do this much by myself, however, I am happy doing this because this is what I love and I obviously do not love money. All said, if you are an investor, I want you! I want ethical investors, willing to work with me for the people of Uganda. Please know that I am willing and able to do larger projects, mostly in the solar micro-grid range. Please let me know, send me a message if you are interested by writing to me through the contact form on our contact page, also found through this link here.


Thank you all so, so much for your continued support to make this - Omushana - and this change possible for the people of Uganda and the world! Much, much love and One Love!




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