Official Launch!!!

Official Launch!!!

“Ready now, why wait?” -Drake (Sacrifices)

Omushana officially launches: TODAY! APRIL 22, 2019

What does the official launch mean? Well, for one, it means our supporters can finally order their custom order tees!!! 

It also means:

- You can take the first step into supporting those who would otherwise be stuck with a loss of opportunity.

[Opportunity is massive, it’s the door that leads to so much more. Opportunity is what you make it, and when you really, really want it, and you really, really know what it is like without it, it can mean the whole world. Providing solar lanterns to disadvantaged households is the realization of opportunity.]
- You are making a conscious purchase. Launching on Earth Day was not by mistake!

[Sustainability is a key focus in the world today; purchasing an Omushana tee is an environmentally conscious decision. Our tees are produced through an eco-friendly process AND with our One Garment = One Lantern initiative, each tee is a sustainable solar lantern in the hands of those in need, to kick out poor lighting means from candles and kerosene.]
- We can start thinking and taking action together with a bigger, world vision.

[Sometimes the ideal future may seem out of reach, with solutions seeming inaccessible. Omushana makes it simple. We create the bridges: to helping others, to conscious consumerism, to feeling confident and fulfilled and purposeful, and to taking the daring leap into a sustainable culture.]

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