Olympusy ARTS X Omushana

Olympusy ARTS X Omushana

“We are a beacon to society - creating visual art which promotes history, geography, and culture in the “Pearl of Africa” and far beyond. Our products are crafted by talented artisans utilizing quality local materials.”

Ssuuna Frank is a visionary.

Mujjuzi Charles is an innovator.

They are Olympusy ARTS.

Olympusy ARTS showcases their custom artwork in Masaka Town, Central Uganda. As experienced artists, they create a portfolio of artwork in varied mediums. Their workshop activities are diversified, as they reach beyond their own artwork to support other youth and adults interested in art to discover innovative life skills and business advice to compete in the economic sector. "Our business is always evolving, but our main goal remains the same - to open an art gallery in Masaka Town where we will host art workshops for youth and showcase art from all over the country." -Olympusy ARTS


A Collaboration

Olympusy ARTS pushes the bounds beyond making and teaching beautiful art by using their platform as successful home-grown artists to support other youth in their development. They understand the difficulties of growing up in a country where the unemployment rate is high while the birth rate is increasing. Ordinary economic opportunities are ever sparse, and it takes creative thinking in order to be successful in a contingent market. Frank and Charles provide economic advice to support youth and adults in realizing innovative techniques to help them succeed in life. They fulfill an objective to provide the support they wish they had during their own growth. Supporting youth and adults to use creativity for success in life is what they provide, and Omushana supports.


In addition to One Garment = One Lantern, a purchase of a collaboration tee provides 5% of its marked price to the Olympusy ARTS initiative in Masaka, Central Uganda. The proceeds go towards the realization of Frank and Charles' objective to support the economic development of youth, that stretches past creating and teaching beautiful art.



SSUUNA FRANK is a visionary.
“I did not go further with education, though I wanted to, due to lack of school fees at home. I had to drop out of school and start working so that even my younger sisters and brother can also study. I didn’t specialize in anything at school because I didn’t get a chance to go in higher levels, but in my heart, "ART" was my first priority and I even managed to be the best in ART at our school in 2012, the year I did my UNEB exams.
“I am the founder and managing director of OLYMPUSY ARTS and I got that idea after dropping out of school in 2013. I started doing art as well as working [with] some other small jobs to earn some money. In 2016, that’s when I got a name "OLYMPUSY ARTS" and never went back. In 2018, my friend Charles joined me, I taught him something about art and we started working together.
“I do what I do because I love it, it’s my hobby and it’s [been] my talent since my younger ages. I believe it’s going to change my family's life and the lives of youth in Uganda through providing to them resources and teaching them skills so that they can earn a living and find jobs when I start the first gallery, OLYMPUSY GALLERY, in Masaka, [which is part of] my community.
What makes you happy?
“Apart from sitting in my room [as I] start painting, doing crafts, or playing with pencils, providing my skills to other people, seeing lives changing, children going to school and OLYMPUSY ARTS growing; with the OLYMPUSY GALLERY, that’s when I will be happy.” - Ssuuna Frank
Passion is: Frank
MUJJUZI CHARLES is an innovator.
“During my time at school, art was my chosen subject. I learned a variety of art techniques including drawing, tie and dye, painting, and paper mâché. While practicing art, we also investigated its history. Moreover, I grew an interest in cooking and began practicing daily at home. Through direction from my father, I mastered gardening crops such as coffee, bananas, maize, and beans.
“My friend, Frank, and I had a love of art our entire lives. After schooling, we worked various jobs but never felt fulfilled. At first, we didn't even realize art could be a source of helping youth and even [be] profitable until partnering with Uganda Marathon. We began creating unique posters and banners focused on advertising for Uganda Marathon. Slowly, we came up with our own designs and products, especially working with kitenge (unique African fabrics). Our first signature piece of art was kitenge mirrors. Following our new independent venture working with kitenge, together we documented a clear plan and vision for our business. We have continually received very good feedback from a variety of our audiences who enjoy our pieces. We didn't want to limit ourselves. Overtime, we began adding different techniques, materials, and inspiration to our art pieces. New products included key holders, pendants, and t-shirts. We also began showcasing paintings and personalized portraits. Our business is always evolving, but our main goal remains the same; to open an art gallery in Masaka Town where we will host art workshops for youth and showcase art from all over the country.
“I do this work because I love it. I feel it. I think it's my way to help other youth and adults, interested in art, discover innovative techniques and business advice to compete in the economic sector.
“One of my most proud opportunities which Olympusy Arts has fulfilled involves partnering with Uganda Marathon to teach youth creativity and income-generating activities. The youth have, in return, inspired us to make pieces for all ages, and the adults involved created an exchange of cultures.
“What makes me happy is to be alive, to be healthy, and to see people I care about also healthy and happy. When I earn something from my work, I feel happy because I see where I'm going. Also seeing Olympusy Arts grow and partner with other organizations and community members makes me happy.” -Mujjuzi Charles
Opportunity is: Charles
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