Sustainable development is key!

Sustainable development is key!

“Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth... these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women's empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.” -Ban Ki-moon (Former UN Secretary General ’07-’16)

What makes us all happy: having the ability and opportunity to do what we want, right? Let’s keep the opportunities rolling!

Sustainably developing & fostering opportunity:

The UN developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals with each focusing on a particular sector of world-wide development. #Omushana specifically targets Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, by providing solar lanterns. We indirectly touch on a few other sectors of development as well, but there is plenty that our reach is still unable to grasp!

BOSCO’s Story:

[To remember the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that build the ladder out of the poverty trap, address the slippery slope of climate change, test assumptions and create power for equality, and allow small steps to make a massive change.]

1. Bosco is poor, he is living in poverty.
[No poverty]
2. When he enters his home, he finds no food, he is hungry.
[Zero Hunger]
3. He is always hungry so is always sick and malnourished, he has poor health and well-being.
[Good Health and Well-being]
4. He is too sick to pay attention in school, he has poor education.
[Quality Education]
5. At least he is in school because his sister is not, no gender equality.
[Gender Equality]
6. While he is in school, his sister goes to fetch lake water, it is dirty and unsanitary water.
[Clean Water and Sanitation]
7. She returns at dark with the water to their home and must light a candle to cook, they have no affordable or clean energy in their home.
[Affordable and Clean Energy]
8. They want to buy solar but live on subsistence, they have no decent work for economic growth.
[Decent Work and Economic Growth]
9. So, Bosco innovates a solar panel successfully which expands into an industry in the community and allows the building of infrastructure.
[Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure]
10. Bosco mandates that 10% of his innovation’s earnings go back into the community, to reduce inequalities.
[Reduced Inequalities]
11. The solar energy and 10% of earnings in the community has made a sustainable community which grows into a sustainable city.
[Sustainable Cities and Communities]
12. The city makes laws, everyone must practice responsible consumption and production.
[Responsible Consumption and Production]
13. The responsible consumption and production leads to zero pollution, they have taken climate action.
[Climate Action]
14. There is no pollution in the water, life below water is safe.
[Life Below Water]
15. There is no pollution on the land, life on land is safe.
[Life on Land]
16. Everything is safe, there is now peace, justice for those who break city law, and strong institutions to enforce the law.
[Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions]
17. Every city around the world wanted to be like Bosco’s city, so other cities worked with Bosco’s city to build partnerships for the goal to be like Bosco’s city and build a better humanity.
[Partnerships for the Goals]

Just like that, we’ve found a way to remember sustainable development!

Small steps - massive change. Taking the steps individually that support worldwide sustainable action to ultimately ensure a sustainable future is a whole world vision.
Q. What is your favorite aspect of sustainable development? What small steps for a massive change do you take to support the whole world vision? Let us know!!📝⬇️

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