The larger fight against climate change.

The larger fight against climate change.

“…when you feel something you can’t see
But you know it’s meant to be
You gon’ realize that this is bigger than me yeah” -Big Sean (Bigger Than Me)

Why solar lanterns?

The main sources of lighting for many disadvantaged households are kerosene lanterns and paraffin wax candles. Both unsustainable, both costly for households subsisting with less than $2 a day, and both costly for a world on an unsustainable path. A solar lantern is an opportunity for the households benefiting and an opportunity for supporters to contribute to a sustainable world.
“Switching from kerosene lamps to solar cells is particularly helpful in fighting climate change. Although the estimated 1.5 billion kerosene lamps used worldwide provide less than 1 percent of all residential lighting, they account for 29 percent of the lighting sector’s carbon dioxide emissions. Kerosene lamps burn the equivalent of 1.3 million barrels of oil per day, equal to roughly half the daily oil production of Kuwait. With the price of kerosene rising and the cost of solar cells declining, the decision to make the switch becomes progressively easier.”
“Chapter 5. The Solar Revolution.” The Great Transition: Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Solar and Wind Energy, by Lester R. Brown et al., W.W. Norton & Company, 2015.

1. Kerosene lights are inherently poor at lighting, with paraffin wax candles even more.

2. Kerosene contributes 29% of lighting’s carbon emissions and has equivalent impact of 1.3 million barrels of fossil fuel oil daily.

3. When you replace a kerosene lantern with a solar lantern, you are providing opportunity and changing the world. 
The world is already connected as one, and our bridges only grow each day to decrease the distances between us and increase the impact we can have on one another. When you extend your support to a meaningful cause, your support is amplified (and even reciprocates back to you). That’s the whole world vision. When we use our opportunities to contribute to the bigger world vision, a sustainable culture becomes an opportunity, realized.
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Omushana is a great idea whose time has come. Having known Garland for about two years now, I am certain this mustard seed will grow into a massive tree under his caring and philanthropic hands. Let us help him water the seed. Omushana, driving away darkness!

Ken Odur Gabelle

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