What this means.

What this means.

“Fight for the right
Fight for ya life
Fight for what you believe is right” -Logic (Mos Definitely)

Omushana is an Opportunity, Realized.

I’ve spent about two full days back in the U.S. after serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda for just shy of two years. In Uganda, I realized an opportunity to help those who are without the opportunity to help themselves, by providing solar lanterns as a sustainable solution for disadvantaged households. By providing solar lanterns for families who use kerosene lanterns and paraffin candles: children realize increased school grades, mothers realize increased profit from home businesses, fathers realize more savings from the decrease in spending on unsustainable fuels, and families can now eat together, talk together, grow together, heal together, and be together. Omushana is togetherness. Omushana is that opportunity, realized.


It’s bigger than me, and it may be bigger than us as individuals. However, it’s not too big for us when we work togetherto take a moment and put our minds to a cause that is so massive that it literally means lives are changed. Opportunity is Omushana and every bit of support as it culminates together is helping opportunities become realized.

There’s so much to it, but it’s also so simple:

👕 One Garment = One Lantern 💡

You can be the catalyst for change. -And if you didn’t believe you could make an impact before, we can confirm that you can now.- 🌍☀️

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