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This blog is for a collection of product reviews!

Please, if you have made a purchase of anything from Omushana, share your thoughts in the comment section!

For example, you may share the name of the product and a photo (photo sharing not yet available, maybe you can share a photo from your social media account as of right now if you would like) of you wearing it or a photo of just the product itself when you received it. You may, for example, upload an unboxing/unpackaging video to your YouTube channel and then share the link here for us to see! You may create your own product review even and upload that video to your YouTube channel and share the link here. While, you may simply write a narrative of your experience, but please share what product you are talking about.

If you find a serious issue that must be directly messaged, please send email and critique as constructively as possible to and we will be delighted to hear from you!

Thank you! Much love.

Appreciation Style Review:

 Example 1 photo: Example 1 narrative:

I ordered and received the Inspired by Sunshine tee in Heather Raspberry in size M, thank you.

Yah I love it a lot like the  color really makes my aura pop and other people really like the design so it makes me feel good wearing it for that too. It's really soft, I recommend! Thank you!

Constructive Criticism Style Review:

 Example 2 photo: Example 2 narrative:

I ordered the Mona Lisun tee in natural color. I wear a Large.

Um, the size was okay, the shipping took about two weeks, honestly I just stumbled upon this brand because of their rhetoric in marketing and so I tried a purchase.

Unfortunately, the print did not come out as vibrant as I wanted it to be, and the print was not exactly a rectangle but instead like the back was warped at the shoulder blades.

Maybe the print was submitted in RGB and not CMYK format, and maybe the pixels were less than 300dpi and in PNG format instead of a vector file, so maybe the artist can export in CMYK and either in vector format or convert to vector instead for the next print.


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