Celebrating Our Past

Your action creates change. With your support, we have provided each household within these villages with light. ⌂

A total of 212 households, averaging 5 members, to transform 1,060 lives.


1. Butezi Village - 78 lanterns for 78 households

Mountainous, bordered by three crater lakes, and distant from the main road | grid power is sporadic, if available at all. Nights were frequently spent in the dark, but with each household possessing a solar lantern, opportunity opens up and darkness disappears.


2. Kinoko Village - 134 lanterns for 134 households

Deep in the mountains, behind a lake in the shape of Africa when viewed from above. Kinoko was typically left out of all development projects because of their location far away from even the main roads. Kinoko villagers have a previously unseen opportunity with solar lanterns, and now have light.

| We | were in Kinoko Village and secured the final lantern with your help on April 11, 2020. ☀︎